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Gold Beaded Belly Chain

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14k gold filled chain with mini beads.

28 inches + 2" adjustable chain 


Jewelry care: 
14k gold filled is second only to solid gold in terms of quality. 14k gold-filled means there is a 5% gold overlay that protects the metal. This Prevents tarnishing and scratching, so your sacred pieces will shine forever with the proper care similar to 14k solid gold jewelry.

 What Does Your Jewelry Touch?
    • 14K gold-fill jewelry can last a long time. But there are a few chemicals that may cause the gold to darken more quickly than it should (if it is left on the surface, your jewelry can be cleaned!). Some of these chemicals are found in;
      • POOLS & HOT TUBS:  the chemicals that are used to keep pools and hot tubs clean don't mix well with gold-filled jewelry and will cause tarnishing.
      • BODY CHEMISTRY: hormones vary from person to person and for some people, less than 10% of people, their body chemistry may not mix well with 14K gold-fill so you will see jewelry tarnishing a bit quicker. Unless you know how your body reacts to 14K gold-fill, the only way to find out is to try it.
      • SWEAT: sweat contains all kinds of chemicals and salt, while exercising it is best to take your jewelry off.  
      • PRODUCTS: This includes things like beauty products, perfumes, lotions, nail polish remover, etc. It is best to minimize these products ending up on our jewelry. You can do this by putting on your jewelry last or taking it off while using these products. If your jewelry does come into contact with a product like this, read about how to deep clean your jewelry below!
      • SUNSCREEN: sunscreen is not a friend of 14K gold-fill. It is always best to avoid getting sunscreen on your jewelry, it is one of the worst culprits in this category. If you do get some sunscreen on your jewelry, read about cleaning below!
      • CLEANING SUPPLIES: Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm your jewelry so it is always a good idea to remove your jewelry to avoid contact with a cleaning product. If your jewelry does come into contact with a product like this, read about how to deep clean your jewelry below! 
      • SALT WATER: Your jewelry can be worn in natural water (salt & fresh water). But, it is a good idea to give your jewelry a rinse in warm water after being in salt water. 
PART 2: Cleaning Your Jewelry
  • Day to Day Care: it never hurts to give your jewelry a little rinse in lukewarm water, then dry it with a soft cloth. This helps remove oils, makeup, dirt, or small encounters with a product. 
  • Deep Cleaning: If you know your jewelry was exposed to more than a normal amount of sunscreen, sweat, a product, or a chemical it is a good idea to give it a deep clean as soon as possible! All you need is warm water, an ultra-soft toothbrush(or skip and use hands), and mild soap.
    • Get a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of mild soap (we use Dr. Bronner's!).
    • Let your jewelry soak for about a minute.
    • Then gently give it a scrub with an ultra-soft toothbrush, which is perfect for getting into the areas where things build up. 
    • Rinse your jewelry in warm water a few times to make sure all the soap is off. 
    • Dry your jewelry well with a soft cloth. This is especially important before storing it! 
PART 3: Storing Your Jewelry
  • What is the best way to store your gold-fill jewelry?
    • First, always store your jewelry clean and dry.
    • Store your pieces in something airtight. This greatly decreases the risk of tarnishing. Using a clean ziplock bag or a small airtight container is a great way to achieve this!
    • Store everything in a low humidity environment. 
    • Avoid tangles by storing items in small containers and closing all clasps. 
    • If you are traveling and need some extra protection for your jewelry we recommend storing items in ziplock bags and putting them all into a hard container. 
14K gold-fill jewelry is a great alternative to solid gold. It’s just as beautiful, more affordable, and can last you a lifetime!