Doll and Gopaul


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Introducing our 14k gold-filled chain, adorned with a captivating combination of gemstones. This exquisite piece features one 14k gold blue sapphire gemstone, two 14k gold ruby gemstones, and two pink tourmaline gemstone shakers.

Healing vibes ♥︎ Ruby gemstones are not only associated with wealth and prosperity but also symbolize love, passion, and raw emotion. They add a touch of elegance and intensity to the design.

Blue sapphire 

Pink tourmaline 

Embrace the beauty and symbolism of our 14k gold-filled chain, a stunning accessory that will elevate your style and evoke powerful emotions.


    • Adjustable chain around wrist 1.5 inches 
    • 14K gold-filled jewelry is water resistant and hypoallergenic
    • Handmade with love in Los Angeles 
    • Please allow 3-7 business days for production.
    • 14k gold-filled is a high quality, affordable alternative to solid gold